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It's been almost four years.....

I just noticed that it's been almost 4 years since my last "blog" entry on my website. Well, not much has gone on. Yeah, right!

Of course, we all know the obvious life changing, world changing events that have gone on since 2018 and, like everyone else, I have tried my damnest to adapt and I'll try to run down - quickly - what's been happening with me over the last four-years.

First, the "LA Radio Studio" situation is a long made for TV movie, filled with politics, bureaucracy and, of course, Covid. I'll spare you the gory details but sum up by saying, the "brick and mortar" studio is built, it is pretty much operational and it's highly unlikely we'll ever go back. I'll leave that as a cliffhanger because I'm not completely sure we won't go back. The good news is because of all these factors, technology in "audio" has made giant strides over the last four years.

Second, my focus now is more on the two shows I produce - LA Radio Sessions and Radio Waves. These shows are great shows to work on and produce because they are a perfect fit for someone that is eyeing retirement yet knows in his heart, he'll never really stop doing something in the audio world. In narrowing my focus, I'm finding the shows we do now are even better than when we were producing them from the "brick and mortar" because with the recent technology I mentioned before, we have access to guests for the shows from "virtually" anywhere in the world.

Lastly, I'm working on various shows for the CSULB student station - 22 West Radio - and recently republished my "Black Sabbath - An Oral History" book, with a couple other book and podcast ideas in the wings. I hope to be back on this blog more as well. Until then - stay tuned - more to come.

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LA Radio Studio: Southern California's most unique radio facility.


LA Radio Sessions is a music based show that explores all areas of pop culture - through interviews, live performance & interactivity with the listener - broadcasting, webcasting & podcasting from the heart of Southern California on the waterfront in San Pedro.


A weekly radio podcast covering radio news, business, history and innovation - hosted LA radio veteran Mike Stark and LA radio columnist Richard Wagoner.


My Story

Mike Stark is a veteran broadcaster who has worked in all areas of the broadcasting business for over 40 years.  Starting out in television in the early 70's, Stark spent over 10 years with the ABC Television Network as an administrator before moving to his first love of radio.

Throughout his radio career, Stark has worked in a variety of radio position. In the mid-90's he hosted his own weekly talk show on the legendary heavy metal station KNAC-FM, while producing the stations daily morning show during the week.  

In LA, Stark also worked for the ABC owned KABC-AM and KLOS-FM.  Since leaving his staff position at ABC radio in the mid-80's, he's worked as a freelance producer in local radio, network radio and syndicated radio, covering music formats from metal to funk and talk formats ranging from garden tips to hard edged politics.  He remains a features producer for the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show with his production pieces for the show being heard in over 100 markets throughout the country.  He also contributes features to various XM/Sirius shows including "Kick Out The Jams", a weekly music/politics show hosted by rock writer icon, Dave Marsh. 

Stark is also the author of “For the Record:  Black Sabbath - An Oral History” on Avon Books, 1998.  Reissued Harper-Collins, 2002.  He is also co-host of a monthly Internet radio show with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member - Sabbath's Bill Ward. 

Currently, Stark is the owner/operator of the LA Radio Studio (http://laradiostudio), a full service independent radio studio in San Pedro, California. The studio is developing new radio programs and podcasts, including the following shows:  LA Radio Waves (, LA Radio Sessions (, Relationship 911 (, Phil Hulett & Friends ( and several other programs.  Get the full listing at the LA Radio Studio website.

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